Omar Hindiyeh CPE, BSCE, ICC

Omar Hindiyeh is regarded as one of the leading consultants in construction defect litigation representing common interest developments. He is a seasoned forensic construction expert, has experience on over 600 major construction repair projects, and has been declared an expert witness on over 300 construction defect litigation cases with over 800 days of testimony.


Rakesh Peer PE, ICC

Rakesh Peer is a forensic construction consultant and has experience in over 200 construction defect litigation cases since 1987. He directs the Investigation Division of CMA Consulting, which specializes in common interest developments and the investigation and analysis of construction defects. He authors technical reports and documents identifying construction defects, investigation of the root cause and provides corrective action. Mr. Peer has offered expert witness and deposition testimony for conflict resolution in several construction litigation cases.

Highest Business Standards


CMA Consulting holds themselves to the Highest Business Standards:Professionals that are insured with General Liability as well as Professional Liability Insurance